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DaviauxPhilippeVice Président

ArvoisJean Rémy



The Team

Passion, ambition

The passion behind an ambitious joint venture

The team created the Chavost brand to carry on the know-how of our ancestors. Today Philippe Daviaux, Jean-Rémy Arvois, José Tissier, Eric Lagache, Patrick Barré, Claude Richard, Régis Lang and Bruno Husson, under the leadership of Dominique Lagache, work together in a spirit of teamwork, unity and solidarity, whilst most certainly adding their own dimension to the wines.

All this is possible thanks to the men and women who work extremely hard to grow quality grapes. At its core, Champagne Chavost is the sum of the passions which drive each wine maker.

We would love to welcome you as friends and show you what we do and love.

When shared with friends,

difficult times can become good memories and good times simply unforgettable...
Especially when accompanied by a glass of Champagne...
And better still, Chavost Champagne.

Writing our own history

And this is the history of Chavost Champagne, a brand with intrinsic ties to the long and varied history of our birthplace.

We are developing the brand through a rich and diverse range of Champagnes, in which each of us has had a hand. We are doing this to raise the profile of our village and our terroir and promote our heritage in France, Europe and throughout the world, at the tables of individual customers and the finest restaurants.