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Our cooperative

Since 1946

Our cooperative

The Chavot cooperative was founded in 1946 by a small number of wine growers with a deep affection for their village and its terroir. Twenty of us embarked on this adventure and today we continue to work together with the same desire, conviction and respect for our terroir and champagne.

More than 70 years on, if you wander through the streets of our pretty little commune in the Champagne region, you will still come across the names Arvois, Bastien, Desbordes, Desmarest, Guérin, Guillaume, Lagache, Laherte, Leblond, Margouillat, Pothelet and Tissier.

Each family continues to perpetuate the work begun by its pioneering ancestors.


the cooperative counts 106 members who work the 72 hectares of vineyards, most of which are located on the hills surrounding the village.